Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy 3 Thing 2!

From the very beginning you were determined to be different. You entered this world as you normally enter a room...with flare and a very loud introduction. As a 9 pounder you were the biggest and loudest baby in the NICU. You made sure to let everyone know how angry you were.

After you figured out that you could remove your mouthpiece, you wanted nothing to do with it. I thought that piece of acrylic would be the death of me. I would cringe when having to remove the often your skin would come along with it. But you never complained out of pain, only inconvenience.

Your first surgery was incredibly successful, albeit nerve destroying on my part. Admirably your father and I held it together (and without the aid of sedatives, might I add) and you came out and sped toward recovery....after you pulled out your nosepiece and attachments. (You also pulled out your nosepiece after the second surgery resulting in additional sutures and hardcore arm protectors. You were like a toddler zombie with those things on!)

You are a very daring child. Fearlessness is your main trait, and you love to set my teeth on edge with your daredevil shenanigans. Coincidentally, your failed attempts always manage to involve your very expensive face.

You have an immense love for your brothers even at such an early age. You're always willing to take part in any maniacal plan (usually destructive) your older brother can coerce you into. We're probably going to lose every security deposit that we put down. Your penchant for destruction (even when not persuaded) will take me to the grave early.

Although manipulated and used as a target for dodgeball by your older brother, you are completely and utterly lost without him. You teared up at Thing 1's graduation when you realized that he was backstage and you couldn't see him. This bent my heart and made me grateful for your sensitivity.

I see myself in you when you refuse to adhere to any rule. You are stubborn, you are defiant and you are a being to behold.

You are so much spunk and tenacity in one small package and you color the world (quite literally) around you. Your curiosity usually gets you into trouble and leaves me with the strong urge to drink.

Your laughter is the most amazing thing that has ever graced my ears. However, every time I hear that chipmunk chatter, I know that something has been destroyed.

I love you so much my Precious. You are 1/3 of my heart. You are my last nerve. You are my never ending sense of adventure. Happy 3rd birthday!!!


Audrey Johnson said...

Tear:,) Miranda, this post is so touching! Happy Birthday Levi!

karensomethingorother said...

OHDEARGOD WHAT IS IN THAT PICTURE WITH THE BROWN STUFF?!? Oh man. You've so eloquently summed up all the white hairs we've earned, and it appears as though you've earned a few extra. Happy Birthday to your amazing little person!

Kiddothings said...

What a lovely post. Happy 3rd Birthday Thing 2! :)

Miranda said...

THAT, my friend, would be all of the condiments in my refrigerator, a birthday cake, a few cosmetics and a devious plot to destroy what was left of my sanity!

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